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Cooperation on Slovak localization project of mobile application ASDetect for early detection of autism in children under 30 months contained:

  • initial communication with La Trobe University (LTU) in Australia – owner of the application
  • participation on project preparation for foundations
  • moderation of all meetings between Australian and Slovak teams
  • testing coordination of all related parts of localization (application, videos, email, official web sites etc.)
  • bugs reporting, fixing and reviewing


  • existing mobile application for Android and iOS in English, Spanish and Chinese language
  • communication language: English
  • time shift: 8 – 10 hrs (depend on part of the year)
  • tool for online communication: MS Teams
  • platform for documents sharing: Google Disc a Google Docs
  • translations & video dubbing: External company
  • Duration: 12/2020 – 03/2023
ASDetect SK